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In-Ex Designs Roofing Partners with Complete Solar, Inc.

Established in 1996, In-Ex Designs Roofing maintains an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, allowing us to build many long-lasting relationships in the Valley of the Sun over the past two decades. Recently, we decided to partner with Complete Solar, Inc. to begin providing solar panel roofs for Phoenix, AZ home and business owners. Complete Solar is a well-respected leader in the solar panel industry with years of expertise and partnerships with companies spanning California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Utah, and Arizona. We’re excited about the unique energy-saving possibilities of bundling solar panels with our roofing options. If it’s time for a roof replacement on your house or office, we encourage you to think about the benefits offered by a solar panel roof. Please contact us today to request a free consultation with our friendly, regional roofing experts to learn more!


Solar Panel Roof in Phoenix

What Is Solar Energy, and Why Should I Consider It?

Perhaps you’ve heard of solar energy, but you’re not quite sure how it works. Solar power harnesses the sun’s energy and transforms it into electrical power for your home or business. The sun’s energy travels to Earth in the form of photons. It’s estimated that enough photons reach our planet every hour to satisfy the energy needs of the entire world population for a year. Due to the desire to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel energy consumption, solar energy is gaining in popularity in the United States and elsewhere. Those interested in a solar power upgrade need only to install solar panels on the roof.

Solar Roofing in Phoenix

How Does Solar Power Work Through Solar Panels?

Solar panels are made of solar cells, which serve as semiconductors for electricity. The more solar panels installed on your roof, the greater the amount of solar energy you should anticipate generating. In the simplest terms, you can think of solar panels as being like batteries. Electrons are transferred from the negative side of each panel to the positive side, forming an electrical field similar to a battery. The size and number of solar panels you’ll need to install on your roof will vary depending on your dwelling’s size, how much power you hope to generate, and multiple other factors that we’ll help you consider.

Solar Panel Roofing Offers Phoenix Residents Many Benefits

When you decide to bundle your roofing with solar panel services at In-Ex Designs Roofing, you can expect to receive many benefits, including all of the following:

  • Reduced Energy Bills – The most enticing advantage of solar panel roofing for many is the decrease they can expect in their monthly utility bills. Solar power can help you save money from the moment the solar panels are installed on your roof. Investing in solar panels should also increase your home or office building’s resale value, as more people are becoming aware of the energy savings presented by solar power.
  • Tax Credits and Rebates – You may be wondering about the costs of solar energy or the installation of solar panel roofing. Both the federal and state government offer several lucrative tax incentives for making the switch to solar power. In most cases, In-Ex Designs Roofing provides an opportunity to bundle your new roof with solar panels at no additional out-of-pocket costs to you. You may also be able to generate more return on your investment (ROI) through Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). We’d be happy to explain this to you in more detail during a consultation. In-Ex Designs Roofing also offers financing options.
  • Less Impact on the Environment – Wouldn’t you love to invest in a pure, clean form of energy that emits fewer greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment? If more people made the switch from electricity generated by coal and natural gas (finite resources) to solar power (renewable energy), it would reduce the amount of air and water pollution and global climate changes taking place annually.

Contact In-Ex Designs Roofing For A Solar Panel Roof Estimate

Offering an elite level of customer service since we opened in 1996, In-Ex Designs Roofing takes pride in delivering more roofing options than many of our competitors. Our goal is to bring you lasting roofing solutions that are both viable and attractive, and we think solar panel roofs are a wonderful addition to our already superior product offering. Embrace solar power in the Valley of the Sun by contacting In-Ex Designs Roofing for a free estimate on solar panel roofs in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas today!

For more on roof inspections and estimates, call today! (602) 938-7575