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In-Ex Designs Roofing Brings Tile Roofing to Phoenix, AZ

Since 1996, In-Ex Designs Roofing has been helping those in the Phoenix, AZ metro area find the right roofing solutions to meet their needs and design aspirations. Our specialists ensure a smooth installation process, thanks to their experience and expert training. We work with your typical homeowner, small business owners to large estate properties to provide you with quality service and superb workmanship. We are proud to offer tile roofing as an attractive solution to your roofing needs.

Whether you need repairs or complete replacement of your roof, count on the expertise at In-Ex Designs Roofing. We provide free consultations and estimates for all of your roofing projects. We also provide you with secure payment options and financing to those who qualify. Call today when you are looking for roof repair, replacement, or installation. We install all types of materials to offer you the roofing choice you desire!

Residential Tile Roofing in Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Why Should You Choose Tile Roofing?

There are many benefits to tile roofing as an option for your home.  Also, many options for color, texture and design to meet your aesthetic needs.

Below are some of the options we have for your Phoenix, AZ roof:

Clay: This option offers many different styles, finishes, and colors. They are designed as a one- or two-piece system.  Regardless of what style you are looking for, In-Ex Designs Roofing can offer installation consultation to get you the look that you are going for.

Sand-Cast: One of the nice aspects of this tile is the uniqueness the look brings to your roof. This tile is more fragile than other tile options when, so the downside is you cannot walk on it after the In-Ex Designs Roofing team finishes the install. This is a beautiful rustic option for Southwestern and Mediterranean-style homes in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Concrete: Explicitly designed for your job, you can choose from a large variety of colors and textures to get exactly what you are looking for when designing your new roof.  This tile is the most durable option and is readily available for any color or style that you may like.

Add Value And Take Advantage Of Tile Roofs’ Energy Efficiency

Concrete tiles can last up to 75 years.  Installing a new concrete tile roof system means you probably won’t have to worry about replacing the tile within the ownership of the home. Concrete tiles are incredibly durable and not nearly as susceptible to harsh weather conditions or damaging sun. This product also adds value and curb appeal to any home.

Tile roofs are also environmentally friendly, and they are more energy-efficient than many other roofing options.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Tile Roof

One thing many home and business owners don’t take into consideration when considering tile as an option is the weight of the tile. Tile roofing can weigh up to 1000 pounds per square, therefore you may need to employ a structural engineer to assess the truss system to ensure it can hold the weight of your new roof. Although they are very sturdy, they are still susceptible to breakage, and if you have chosen a customized tile, it can get expensive when replacing.

Call In-Ex Designs For All Your Roofing Solution Needs

When you are ready to choose between clay, sand-cast, or concrete styles in Phoenix, AZ, you can rely on our team. We work with you through the entire process and can answer any questions or concerns you may have when deciding to investigate tile roofing as an option. We have been helping customers throughout the Phoenix metro area with tile roofs since 1996. Contact us today to discuss your options and schedule your free consultation and roofing inspection. We are also happy to lend our services to residents buying new homes and wish to have the existing roof inspected before purchasing.