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Reliable Roof Attic Ventilation Services

Are you experiencing symptoms of insufficient roof attic ventilation or looking for an effective solution to minimize energy costs while amplifying the lifespan and performance of your home’s roof? In-Ex Designs Roofing has the solution with our reliable attic ventilation services. Protect your roofing system and enhance your comfort with effective attic ventilation for your Phoenix, AZ, home.

Roof Attic Ventilation in Phoenix, AZ

What Is Attic Ventilation?

Heat rises; therefore, trapped heat will head for your attic during the hot summer months. With the intense temperatures in Arizona, a poorly ventilated attic will result in an overheating home with decreased energy efficiency. Attic ventilation combats this occurrence by circulating air, working to lower the air temperature inside the home. How much ventilation does an attic need? It depends on the attic, and our experts can evaluate exactly how much you need.

Why You Need Attic Ventilation in Phoenix

Most Phoenix homes lack sufficient ventilation in the attic, and with the scorching hot climate in Arizona, attic ventilation becomes necessary, providing an array of benefits to a home. While they may seem like a complex addition, with the help of In-Ex Designs Roofing, attic roof vents are a seamless investment.

The Importance of Roof Attic Ventilation

While hot air in the attic may not seem like a big deal, a lack of ventilation plays a role in increasing your energy consumption which in turn elevates your utility bills while making it more challenging to regulate the temperature of your home. Furthermore, you can expect fewer breakdowns by alleviating the stress of your air conditioning.

What Roof Attic Vents Do or Don’t Do

Attic air can reach extreme temperatures of 180 degrees, making your attic an oven. Without attic vents, air escape is minimal; the roof deck insulation does not prevent further heat transfer. Instead, the insulation takes on the heat and spreads it to other attic structures, evenly forcing the hot hair back through your home.

Prolong Your Roof’s Lifespan

Consistent exposure to the hot sun deteriorates your roofing system as the shingles cannot withstand the excessive heat. Attic roof vents alleviate the temperature within the attic, lowering the temperature of the materials under the shingles, which helps to prolong the lifespan of your roofing system.

Combat Water Damage

While we don’t experience an abundance of freezing weather in Phoenix, the odd time the temperatures do plunge, a poorly ventilated attic can be damaging to your roof. When the temperature drops, humidity and warm air escapes your home and accumulates on the roof, leading to frost and ice, making it more prone to leaks and water damage.

Identifying an Attic Ventilation Problem

There may be several signs that your attic has a ventilation issue. Here are the most common symptoms to look out for, including:

  • Mold or mildew
  • Rusted attic fasteners
  • Deteriorated insulation
  • Damaged shingles or tile
  • Frequent HVAC repair needs
  • Excessive moisture in the attic

Types of Attic Ventilation

In-Ex Designs Roofing provides several types of attic ventilation solutions, including the following:

  • Soffit Vents: Promote sufficient airflow and reduce energy costs
  • O’Hagan Vents: The most effective ventilation solution for tiled roofs that works to protect attic insulation by enhancing airflow
  • Powered Ventilators: Powered ventilators are fans placed within the roof deck, or gable end to circulate air continuously within the attic.

Ventilate Your Attic With In-Ex Designs Roofing

Are you ready to enhance the performance of your home and keep air circulating in your attic to avoid premature deterioration and costly energy bills? In-Ex Designs Roofing is here to help you make it happen with our trusted roof attic ventilation services and make sure to explore our list of roofing options as well. Contact our friendly team to schedule your attic ventilation inspection and consultation.

For more on roof inspections and estimates, call today! (602) 938-7575