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Roof Coatings

For nearly three decades, In-Ex Designs Roofing has provided the community of Phoenix, AZ with essential roofing services. We are happy to help our customers learn about different roofing options so we can help them make the right choice for their residential or commercial property. This includes roof coatings.

Roof Coating in Phoenix, AZ

Roof Coating Service

Our team at In-Ex Designs Roofing provides thorough and quality roofing services, including roof coating. These coatings can be applied over virtually any type of roofing and are designed to provide extra protection and coverage. This makes roof coating service a fantastic solution to both prevent damage to your roof as well as repair damage on your cracked or dinged roof.

What Are the Advantages of Roof Coating?

There are many advantages offered by roof coating, including:

  • Incredibly light weight options at only 50 lbs. per square foot
  • Roof coatings, when properly chosen and installed, can add a lot of value to your home
  • Less risk of leaks, as there are no seams or joints where water can sneak in
  • Incredible thermal insulation value
  • Roof coating is durable, long lasting, and affordable

Types of Roof Coatings

Our team at In-Ex Designs Roofing provides the Phoenix, AZ area with many innovative options for roof coatings. Our experts will listen to your concerns, assess your home, and then provide you with a personalized roof coating treatment that will best fit your needs. Some of our most popular types of roof coatings include the following:

Whether you’re in search of a reliable waterproof roof coating or roof coating that will last you a long time, In-Ex Designs Roofing is the choice for you.

Cover Coat

On all our roof coating services, we apply a cover coat to ensure maximum protection and repair. Our state-of-the-art cover coat is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Water-based
  • Designed as a base coat for best results
  • Creates a waterproof finish
  • Adheres to many materials including wood, metal, and foam

Final Coat

Our final coat that we apply is a highly solid elastomeric roof coating that was designed to be applied over base coats. It is:

  • Weatherproof
  • Ultraviolet-resistant
  • Fire-resistant


At In-Ex Designs, we use a medium-grade polyester fabric material called Tie-Tex. We then embed this polyester fabric into the base coat. Tie-Tex increases the strength, reinforces the coating, and gives you an all-around more durable roofing system.

CeramiCoat Roofing

Our CeramiCoat is a roof coating that is a man-made combination of elastomeric and acrylic roof coating. We also install ceramic beads into the mixture to increase the durability and performance of the roof coating material. We have many innovative and successful roof coating techniques and products that can provide your home with the safety and aesthetics you’re looking for.

How to Inspect Roof Coating

Roof coatings require some upkeep and maintenance, especially here in Phoenix. Roof coatings should be professionally inspected annually but can be inspected by you frequently. Frequent checks can help you catch small issues before they become larger, more expensive problems. When you inspect your roof coating, follow these steps:

  • Keep your roof free of leaves, tree branches, debris, and dirt. This can trap moisture on your roof and lead to many issues, including faster deterioration of the roof coating.
  • Check the roof coating for flaking, peeling or any other damage that could lead to water leaks or damage.
  • Look for any blisters in the lamination or delaminated areas. The presence of these occurrences could mean that part of the coating is exposed to water which has damaged the coating.

Contact Us

If you ever notice any of these occurrences during your regular inspections, call the team here at In-Ex Designs Roofing right away so we can fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. If you want to set up a consultation or get more information, you can contact our team today.

For more on roof inspections and estimates, call today! (602) 938-7575