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Enhance Your Property With Built-Up Roofing

Safeguard your home or business with a robust residential and commercial roofing service and In-Ex Designs Roofing. As the leading roofing provider in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, we offer state-of-the-art built-up roofing systems that enhance your property’s protection and value. Rely on us for a durable, beautiful, and long-lasting investment.

Built-Up Roofing Material in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, AZ

Commercial and Residential Roofing Service

Each property has unique roofing requirements. As such, our team is backed by the latest training that enables us to extend our built-up roofing systems to homeowners and business owners alike. With In-Ex Designs Roofing, we combine technical experience, premium materials, and an unwavering quality commitment to provide an unrivaled residential and commercial roofing service.

What Is Built-Up Roofing?

Built-up roofing systems (BUR), called tar and gravel roofs, are time-honored roofing solutions that boast optimal longevity and durability. These roofing systems encompass layers of roof felts fused with bitumen or asphalt. These materials create a watertight barrier to protect the structure of your home or business.

Why Choose Built-Up Roofing Systems

Built-up roofing systems are a favored roofing option as they offer incredible weather, UV ray, fire, impact, and moisture resistance while being highly cost-effective. Due to the layered materials, they provide durable waterproofing abilities that combat leaks and damage. Furthermore, they include a prompt, minimally-invasive installation process and are easy to clean.

Advantages of Built-Up Roofing Systems

Built-up roofing systems come packed with benefits. Some of the leading advantages include the following:

  • Durable and resistant to water, fire, and impact
  • Decorative and versatile
  • Unrivaled ability to bridge cracks and joints
  • Premium color stability
  • Long-term warranties
  • High tensile-strength
  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Improved insulation
  • Reflective materials available to combat UV rays

How Does Built-Up Roofing Work?

Built-up roofing works by mechanically adhering base sheets to the roof deck. Once complete, roof felts are placed and secured with a bitumen material with alternating levels of bitumen and fabric. The final layer is a cap sheet made of bitumen or, in some cases, a flood coat topped with a layer of gravel or coating for enhanced protection.

Built-Up Roofing Installation

Built-up roofing offers a timely and effective process. The installation of built-up roofing includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of the substrate: inspections, removal of damage, and cleaning.
  • Application: application of roof felt and bitumen to create a durable membrane.
  • Final surface: a final layer of gravel or reflective material is applied for enhanced protection.

Roof Removal

In some cases, built-up roofing cannot be added to a roof. In these cases, the original roof must be removed and replaced. This may happen due to the following:

  • The roof deck has excessive damage and cannot serve as a safe subsurface
  • The structure has undergone many roofing jobs, and the weight load is too high
  • The existing roof is plagued by excessive moisture

Choose Excellence With In-Ex Designs Roofing

Since 1996, In-EX Designs Roofing has provided premium commercial and residential roofing services to customers in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. With a commitment to industry-leading customer service and the highest standards of quality craftsmanship, we take pride in offering premium services. With our customer-centric approach, discover the boutique experience of roofing solutions.

Let’s Discuss Your Built-Up Roofing System

From commercial customers looking to secure additional protection for their business to homeowners looking to enhance and safeguard their property, In-Ex Designs is here to make it happen. For quality service and unmatched results, rely on our team. Contact us today to discuss your built-up roofing system and discover best-in-class service with our professionals.

For more on roof inspections and estimates, call today! (602) 938-7575